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Of the Bible Manuscripts, there are over 5,300 Greek Manuscripts; over 10,000 “Latin Vulgate” Manuscripts; over 9,300 Manuscripts in various languages; and over 60,000 Hebrew Manuscripts (codex’s).  Of the existing Manuscripts that we have today, only 230 were compiled before the 6th century.  All of these are not originals, but copies of copies.  Which is why it is so remarkable that they agree with each other at all (hand of God).


However, of the Hebrew Manuscripts available today to the general public, the “Library of Congress” lists and holds within its walls 225; while the first list of the Old Testament Manuscripts in Hebrew, gathered by Benjamin Kennicott (1776–1780), which were published by Oxford, now lists 615 Manuscripts from libraries on the English Continent.  While Giovanni De Rossi (1784-1788), an Italian arachnologist, published a list of 731 Manuscripts.  That is a total of 1, 571 extant Hebrew Manuscripts of the Old Testament.


In 1947, what are known as, “The Dead Sea Scrolls,” were found, and their number is still being gone through today.  A little over 200 Biblical Manuscripts to date have been retrieved from these Papyrus’.  Plus, in a synagogue located in Cairo, Egypt, was discovered 260,000 Hebrew Manuscripts, with a little over 10,000 of which are Old TestamentBiblical Manuscripts.  That brings the total to 11,571 Hebrew Old Testament Manuscripts, with still more to come as our Lord sees fit to combat the constant attack upon His Word.


Concerning the New Testament Manuscripts, there are 5,843 Greek New Testament Manuscripts and 2,209 Lectionaries extant today; with all of these basically agreeing with each other (remarkable)!


As you can readily see, there is overwhelming evidence for the support of the Biblical record.  Yet people still insist upon questioning the Bible, even though It has passed all human tests throughout the centuries.  But if that does not empress you, consider these FACTS:






Most people would NEVER question the existence of Alexander The Great, from Greece.  Yet we only hold (HOW MANY?) so many manuscripts to prove of his exploits (are in existence?).  That being only eight (8).


None (absolutely NONE) question the writings of Plato, but of his original manuscript we only have (HOW MANY?) seven (7).


Of Herodotus, we only have (HOW MANY?) a few manuscripts.  Eight (8) to be exact.


Of “Homers Iliad Odyssey,” we have (HOW MANY?) quit a few manuscripts; numbering 263.


However, if you still wish to believe in Homer and his inferior total of extant manuscripts (actually, 1820 as of this writing and more to be found), as opposed to the Bibles massive total of Manuscripts, and you still wish to discount the Biblical accuracy of history, that is your loss.


Of the overwhelming Manuscripts that we have left of the Bible (I’ll state again), 230 pre-date the 6th century.  Of the worldly manuscripts that exist today, Pliny (61-113 A.D.; 65 letters and scripts) dates back to 850 A.D.  The rest are younger (closer to our time) than that.  Therefore, to discount any Biblical Manuscript because “It Is Not The Original,” is to discount any historical document pre 8th century.


To date, we have 66,360 (still discovering more as of this writing) Manuscripts and Scrolls of the written Word of God.  Of the New Testament we have 5,839 Manuscripts in Greek and 18,524 Manuscripts in various other languages.  But there are only about 60 that are complete New Testament Manuscripts.


However, the average Greek New Testament Manuscripts that are complete is over 450 pages long.  Along with that we have over Two Million hand written Manuscripts before the invention of the printing press.  Twelve of those are from the 2nd century.  An example is P52 (dated between 100 to 125 A.D.), which is at “Manchester University” in Manchester, England (discovered in 1934).  It is a little fragment of the Book of John, Chapter 18; the size of a credit card today.


Of the Old Testament, we have about 42,000 Manuscripts in Hebrew (some Aramaic).  Bottom line.  With the massive amount of Manuscripts that you have of the Bible, especially when they agree with each other verbatim, it is easy to see the hand of God here.  If you don’t, try playing the game “Telephone” with a bunch of your friends.


All Biblical scholars agree upon 99% of the Greek and Hebrew texts.  It’s the 1% that cause people to come up with false doctrines and reasons for not believing.  And here is the kicker.  Of the 1% disagreements, most are of the spelling of a word.  Examples are, is it “Gadarenes” or “Gergesenes.”  Is it “Bethsaida” or “Bethzatha” or “Bethesda.”  Are you really going to give up your faith over this or that spelling?  Plus, of the 1%, “NO,” repeat, “NO” major doctrines are put into question.






Clement of Alexandria = 2,406 Quotes.

Tertullian = 7,258 Quotes.

Justin Martyr = 330 Quotes.

Irenaeus = 1,819 Quotes.

Origen = 17,922 Quotes.

Hippolytus 1,378 Quotes.

Eusebius = 5,176 Quotes.


Total = 36,289.


Of these quotes that speak of the New Testament text (verses), the entire New Testament could be completed except for 11 verses!!!  That’s all 27 Books (7,957 verses) except 11 verses in the early Church fathers’ writings!  Nothing like that can be said of any historians quoting their fellow historians.





In other words, let’s do a small exercise.  How many of you would raise your hand if you could actually say that you talked to, physically saw alive, or touched Abraham Lincoln or George Washington?  (OH, THERE IS ONE IN THE BACK).  Even though none of you raised your hand, there is more written of Jesus, The Christ, in Secular history then that of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.


Therefore, if you would discount the Bible and Its validity, you must state that Alexander The Great, Plato, Herodotus, Homer, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and many other figures in history that have less written of them then many characters in the Bible, DO NOT EXIST in reality.  You will have to cancel all that you believe you know about any of your none-Biblical historical figures.  In fact, they are made up stories; myths; and never really existed.  That is, if you say the Bible is inaccurate.


By contrast, STOP discounting the Bibles history and learn to embrace the truth of God’s Word.  It just may change your perspective and outlook upon life, ultimately teaching you the truth and of God’s Love for you and your salvation.  As an historian once stated:  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” Joshua 24:15.

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