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scientific facts


Genesis 1:21 & 25; 6:20; 714:  “…after their kind…”


All created things, be it animal, plant, microbe, or whatever, has ALWAYS only produced its on species.  If you disagree, see my Study:  “EVOLUTION, THE EVIL SOLUTION.”


Genesis 6:15:  “…The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.”


In 1993 the “South Korean World Class Ship Research Center” conducted a study in modern ship building and how the Biblical arks dimensions would fare compared to them.  They tried 12 different shapes and found that in a storm or calm, none performed better than the Biblical model.  Keep in mind that the ark only needed to stay afloat; while modern day ships must propel themselves through these rough seas.


Leviticus 13:46 & 14:36:  “… he shall dwell alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.” & “Then the priest shall command that they empty the house…”


Quarantining was not instituted until the 17th century.  We certainly know about “Social Distancing” these days and the purposes for quarantining.  Many a plague could have been short lived and diminished had the Biblical instructions been followed and believed.  Isn’t it about time we get back to the Bible?


Leviticus 15:13:  “…bathe his flesh in running water…”


Washing before moving on to the next patient and transferring any diseases from one person to the next was discovered in 1845 by a young Doctor by the name of Ignaz Semmelweis.  Also, washing in still water (in a bowl) still left germs in the water and it was impossible for them to be totally clean.


Leviticus 17:11:  “For the life of the flesh is in the blood…”


A “blood” test is more valuable than any other test because it can detect problems in numerous areas of the body; whereas, specific tests will miss the problem or mis-diagnose.  Blood-Letting was a common practice and resulted in very many unnecessary deaths; such as George Washington’s.


Second Samuel 22:16:  “And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered…”


Now that we can map the bottom of the ocean, “channels” and great mountains have been discovered below the waves.


As far as “the foundations of the world” goes, it has been discovered that the foundations under the mountains are thicker than the oceanic crust.  The oceans crust is about 3 miles thick, while the crust supporting most mountains is about 25 miles thick.


Job 26:7:  “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.”


Science used to believe the earth was flat and was held up by some large animal.  What that “animal” stood on was never discussed.  Plus, the earth was thought to be the center of the universe.  We now know the sun is what everything in our universe revolves around.


Job 28:25:  “To make the weight for the winds…”


It has been discovered that air indeed has weight.


Job 38:16:  “Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea?”


Underwater springs were discovered in the 1970’s.


Job 38:35:  “Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?”


God is asking Job if light can be sent and at the other end be made into speech.  When do you think “fiber optic cable” was invented?  Please don’t say, “When Job was alive.”  In 1864 it was discovered that electricity and light waves were two forms of the same thing.


Job 40:15:  “behemoth”


No one disputes that dinosaurs existed on this earth.  But neither has anyone taken a modern-day picture of one living now.  It takes observable science to see the dinosaurs of the past.  And since the Bible has been, is, and will be 100% totally accurate, doesn’t it make sense that how old they are should be determined from the Biblical account?


Psalm 8:8:  “the paths of the seas.”


Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873), considered to be the “Father of Oceanography,” stated, “If God said there are ‘paths in the seas,’ I’m going to find them.”  His book on the subject is still used as a basic book in universities.


Isaiah 40:22:  “…circle of the earth…”


The earth was thought to be flat until Christopher Columbus proved otherwise.  See also my Notes on Luke 17:34-36.


Isaiah 45:12 & Jeremiah 10:12:  “…stretched out the heavens…”


It is now a known scientific fact that the heavens are moving further away from us.  All scientists agree upon our moon moving further away each year.


Jonah 2:6:  “…to the bottoms of the mountains…”


That there were mountains in the bottom of the ocean was unknown until man could go miles below the sea waters.


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